Durer Landscape Paintings

Albrecht Durer is well known for his drawings of human beings as well as supernatural angels. Indeed he excelled at drawing the human form, and depicting peculiarities of character and expression. His portraits of various men and women are beautifully photo-realistic. But Durer, like Leonardo Da Vinci, was also an ardent student of nature; his detailed drawing of a mundane piece of sod ranks as a minor masterpiece. So it is perhaps no surprise that Durer also turned his great talent to painting and depicting scenes and landscapes of Renaissance Germany and Italy. Here is a collection of beautiful watercolors by Durer giving us a glimpse into the world that he lived in and painted.

Covered Bridge - Nuremberg

Covered Bridge - Nuremberg
Albrecht Durer -- Village

Albrecht Durer -- Countryside Near Kalkreuth Village

Countryside Near Kalkreuth Village
Albrecht Durer -- Group of Houses, Nuremberg

Group of Houses, Nuremberg
Albrecht Durer -- Nuremberg

Albrecht Durer -- Old Castle in the Dolomite Mountains

Old Castle in the Dolomite Mountains
Albrecht Durer -- Trient, Switzerland

Trient, Switzerland
Albrecht Durer -- View of Innsbruck

View of Innsbruck
Albrecht Durer -- Trento Castle

Trento Castle
Albrecht Durer -- Wine Warehouse

Wine Warehouse

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